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802.11ad mPCIe Board Solution


  • Wireless high speed data transfer. 1.2Gbps including read/write
  • 4K streaming H.264 60fps
  • Miracast Suitable for Laptop - Smart TV - Portable Devices
  • Broadcasting. From 1 transceiver to multiple receivers.
  • mPCIe slot to 802.11ad board by customized FPC.

Digital Input/Output

PCIe gen2 x1

SPI for debug and advanced use.

Wireless Range

  • P2P Streaming up to 10m in-room
  • P2P Data transfer 1.2Gbps to 3m
  • P2P Broadcasting up to 10m in-room

Key Features

  • 802.11ad -USB 3.0 interface
  • 60GHz wireless video & data transfer free from interference
  • 100 mil second latency for minimal image lag
  • Wide support for cross-platform
    Window, Android, OS X, Linux
  • Selectable antenna
    • Boardside
    • Endfire

Operating Frequency

57GHz to 66GHz

Operating Temperature

-40 to 85 degrees Celsius ambient temperature

Module Dimensions

60mm x 60mm

Benefits Summary

  • Customized antenna design(optional)
  • Modules are performance tested and regulatory approved
  • Easy to use and installation
  • Simple and elegant way to connect video source to video sink, eliminating the clutter od messy cables.

Industry-Standard Compliance

PCIe gen2

System Requirement

  • CPU: i5 ~ i7
  • HD: SSD
  • miniPCIe slot

MLWGU3V2-D Package Content

  • Two MLWGU3V2 module (Boardside & endfire)
  • One PCIe Controller

Ordering Information

Part number: MLWGU3V2-P