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MLWGEFV1 Module Datasheet

MLWGEFV1 Module Block Diagram

Features List

General Features
  • Low power consumption. Less than 150mW peak power using low power SC mode for 15m range in LOS environment, 6m range in NLOS.
  • Direct conversion, Zero IF transceiver.
  • All RF, baseband (BB),Modem are implement in the SoC with antenna in package ( AiP), all interface pins are power, ground and digital.
  • Provide steering beamforming/adaptive beamforming in endfired and broadside radiation pattern.
  • Fully integrated high performance antennas for two transmit and two receive ( 2Tx/2Rx), support digital beam forming.
  • Low profile (<1mm) and small form factor suitable for thin mobile device and easy to embed to other hand device.
  • IEEE 802.11ad control PHY (MCS0) and single carrier (SC) PHY supporting up to MCS9 at 2.5Gb/s.
  • 802.11ad MAC protocol implemented in the SiP.
  • Support all 4 RF channels for worldwide operation.
  • Aggregation (AMPDU an AMSDU) for improved efficiency.
Supported Digital Interface

Parallel GPMC Interface (16bit / 100M)

SC PHY Level Feature
  • Supported MCS : 0~9
  • Maximum PHY throughput:2.5Gbps
  • Supported Signal Quality Metric:SNR,EVM,RCPI,RSSI.
  • Number of supported RF channels:4.
  • Maximum ppm error supported:50ppm.
  • Signal acquisition mode peak power consumption (pre-SLS) : 80mW
  • Signal acquisition mode peak power consumption (post-SLS) :3mW
  • MCS0 RX peak power consumption:100mW
  • MCS6-9 RX peak power consumption with rms delay spread > 2ns:350mW
  • MCS1-5 RX peak power consumption with rms delay spread > 2ns:280mW


A. Supported Digital Interface
Digital I/O-0.3 ~ VDDIO+0.5V
Operating amblent temperature-40 ~ 85Celsius
RF Input power @60GHz10dBm
B. Recommended operation conditions
Supply voltage (VBAT)
Supply voltage (VDD Digital)1.1V
Supply voltage (VDDPST)1.8V
Supply voltage (VDD Analog)1.5V
Peak DC power in TX mode100mW
Peak DC power in RX mode150mW
Operating amblent temperature-4085Celsius
C. RF Performance
Channel 1(US, Canada, Japan, Korea)57.2458.3259.40GHz
Channel 2(Default worldwide Channel)59.4060.4861.56GHz
Channel 3(China, and all Ch1 countries)61.5662.6463.72GHz
Transmit EIRP101517dBm
Tx power consumption < 170 mW
Rx power consumption during receipt packet decoding <420 mW
Transmitter EVMMCS0
Receiver SensitivityMCS0
Synthesizer Phase noise-92dBc/Hz
2Tx/2Rx beam coverage, co-plane -3dB90150degree
2Tx/2Rx beam coverage, cross-plane-3dB3060degree
Gain reduction over all beam angles-3dB0.2dB
D. Antenna in Package(AiP) Specifications
Radiation TypeEndfire
2 Tx Array Peak Gain10dBi
2 Rx Array Peak Gain10dBi
3dB Beamwidth @co-plane(include BF)110degree